Our vision is becoming abundantly clear.

There is a strong correlation between a nation’s GDP wealth, and the availability of energy. The more energy is available, the higher GDP of a nation. Today, we know it is not only important to have enough affordable energy available, but it is also essential for our survival that the energy is clean! It has been proven that solar energy makes nations more independent, and it is the most preferred form of energy.


8minute is focused on solar PV because we believe that it is the only mature form of renewable energy that continually becomes cheaper and more efficient. This is because solar PV technology is based upon semiconductor material and manufacturing processes. Just like your memory chip in your digital camera has gotten better and cheaper over the last years, solar PV cells are becoming more efficient and lower in cost every year.

8minute is utilizing this exponential cost dynamic to its fullest extent in order to drive down the price of solar energy. With best-in-class technology, engineering excellence, and sophisticated infrastructure financing, we accomplish superior results, ultimately driving costs down and increasing energy production. A continuous and relentless process of system analysis, attention to equipment performance details, and meticulous site design produces the optimum solution for each project. This approach has allowed 8minute to become the industry leader in levelized cost of energy (LCOE), while delivering superior financial returns and high quality projects.

We are hoping to lead the industry with our vision to make clean energy affordable and abundant. This will not only be important to increase the well-being of the nation’s using solar PV, but also to make our planet more sustainable. We, together with many others, are striving to solve one of the world’s most important issues.


It is 8minute’s vision to make clean energy abundant.