Through technical excellence and financial acumen, 8minute’s team of solar and storage development experts has created an innovative model that drives down infrastructure costs, and paves the way for rapid deployment.

8minute has a large project portfolio, which includes some of the nation’s largest solar projects as well as some of the lowest-priced projects currently under development.

We are the largest privately-held solar and energy storage developer in the United States, with more than 18 GW of projects under development across California, Texas and the Southwestern United States. These projects are setting the bar for low-cost and high performance, allowing 8minute to deliver above-market profitability and strong financial returns.

We were the first solar developer to beat fossil fuel prices, and are now at the forefront of storage innovation, driving down the cost of energy while increasing reliability and resiliency. We maximize the value of our power plants by designing projects to meet customers’ needs, in turn helping to make clean energy the preferred customer choice.

8minute is a financially strong, long-term project developer, with a significant track record of impressive project execution. The company not only develops, but also often retains ownership and operational execution with our partners – we are in it for the long term.

Solar is no longer an “alternative” energy. We have reached an inflection point: today solar is established, reliable and the lowest cost form of power. Our fundamental business strategy aims to secure energy independence with affordable and abundant solar energy, while in turn addressing air pollution, protecting public health and solving the climate crisis.

8minute is the largest privately-held solar power developer in the United States