Through technical excellence and financial acumen, 8minute’s team of solar and storage development experts has created an innovative model that drives down infrastructure costs, and paves the way for rapid deployment.

8minute has a large project portfolio, which includes one of the world’s largest solar project, the Mount Signal solar farm in California, as well as the nation’s lowest-priced solar farm, the Eagle Shadow Mountain project in Nevada.

The company is the largest privately-held solar and energy storage developer in the United States, and is developing projects across the country. We are proud to be one of the world’s leading ground-mounted solar and storage developers.

8minute is a financially strong, long-term project developer, with a significant track record of impressive project execution. The company not only develops, but also often retains ownership and operational execution with our partners – we are in it for the long term.

8minute offers an unmatched ability to produce low-price clean energy and deliver strong financial returns on large-scale solar and storage projects. We maximize the value of our power plants by designing projects to meet customers’ needs, in turn helping to make clean energy the preferred customer choice.

The project results speak for themselves. With its proprietary processes, 8minute’s project completion rate is 8 times higher than the industry average. In fact, the company has been awarded more solar power contracts since 2012 than anyone else in California—capturing 12.5 percent market share.

Power does not need to be expensive. At 8minute, we believe the key is to drive widespread adoption of dispatchable solar. The inevitable, ever-decreasing costs of solar+storage will lead to a continuous and disproportionate increase in the addressable market, and eventually electricity generated by solar+storage will be ubiquitous with a negligible cost to the consumer.

8minute is the largest privately-held solar power developer in the United States