At 8minute, we understand that corporations nationwide are looking for reliable, cost-competitive solar energy partners. We are differentiated by:

Our Track Record
With our heritage in California, 8minute is proud to be one of the state’s solar energy leaders with 12.5% utility-scale market share today. We have over 14 gigawatts of development experience across North America, and are currently ranked as having the second largest utility-scale pipeline in the United States.*
Our Ability to Deliver Low-Cost Solar Power
We have an exceptional ability to produce affordable clean energy, and to deliver strong financial returns. Recent projects, such as the Springbok 2 Solar Farm, have broken industry milestones, becoming the first project in America to beat fossil fuel prices. We also have extensive in-house financial expertise, having executed $5 billion in PPA revenue to date.
Our Process-Driven Approach
We are a process-driven company dedicated to value creation across the development spectrum. Our methodology has led to an 8x higher success rate of project completion than the industry average. Satisfied customers include four of the largest utilities in California, who are repeat customers: PG&E, SCE, LADWP, and SDG&E.
Our Commitment to Do More (Additionality)
We understand that corporations are looking for reliable, flexible partners who can meet their risk requirements, while offering unique solutions that address technological excellence, project naming rights, marketing sophistication, and other needs. Our flexible approach enables us to deliver on all fronts.

If you are interested in learning more, or are actively looking for developers to help advise on your clean energy goals, we would like to hear from you.

* As measured by project status (MW), includes early stage PPAs. Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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8minute is the largest privately-held solar power developer in the United States