It’s our vision to make clean energy abundant. The survival of our planet depends on it.


Through innovation, expertise and savvy entrepreneurialism, we are making that world a reality. As a nationwide leader in solar-plus-storage, 8minute is powering large-scale climate solutions today. Join us to help shape the future of energy.  

About the company

8minute Solar Energy is the largest privately-held developer of solar and storage projects in the United States. We are headquartered in California with primary offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. 8minute has 18 GW of solar and storage under development in California, Texas and the Southwestern U.S. with 2 GW in operation. The company holds many industry records, including the development of the largest solar plant in the nation, the first operational solar plant in the U.S. to beat fossil fuel prices, as well as the Eland Solar & Storage Center, the lowest cost PPA for a new generation of fully dispatchable solar-plus-storage baseload power plants. 8minute is a solar industry leader in technology, engineering, and development innovations—with a team that has a track record of delivering above-market profitability and strong financial returns on utility-scale solar and storage projects.

Join the team

If you’re interested in working in solar energy, and want to be part of a growing and ambitious team, please submit your cover letter and resume. We are open to hearing from seasoned solar veterans, as well as recent graduates.

Confidentiality Disclaimer: All resumes submitted to 8minute remain confidential and are not available to any other individuals or organizations. Submitted resumes are for the sole use of our firm and used only in conjunction with our search for qualified candidates. No database information will be shared with employers, competitors, or third parties.
Recruiting Agencies and Staffing Professionals: 8minute Solar Energy does not accept unsolicited candidates or resumes and will not be held liable for represented candidates unless you have been specifically engaged and are under contract.