8 Reasons to Partner with 8minute

We believe solar energy is the key to a world where energy is clean, cost-effective, dependable, and accessible to all. Through data-driven innovation and unmatched expertise in design and engineering, we’re bringing forward-thinking climate solutions to life on a massive scale. With every next-generation plant we develop in partnership with utilities, corporates and community choice aggregators around the country, we underscore solar’s ability to affordably and reliably power everyday life with clean, renewable energy – day and night.


More value with less risk

18,000 MW

Under Development

5,400 MW

Solar Contracted

4,500 MWh

Storage Contracted

2,000 MW



Our projects continuously elevate the bar for low-cost and high performance, allowing us to deliver above-market profitability and strong financial returns.


Established success, at scale

8minute has executed over two dozen power purchase agreements (PPAs) across California, Texas and the Southwest to date, including multiple projects with the largest utilities in California and Nevada.

Continuous innovation to reduce the cost of energy

8minute is an industry leader in technology, engineering and innovation, with patented advancements driving power plant efficiencies that simultaneously reduce costs and enhance grid reliability. Engineers and scientists represent more than half of our team, and they’re committed to optimizing the value and performance of each project. We’re also constantly testing cutting-edge technology in pilot blocks on existing projects and at our own proprietary R&D facility – all aimed at enhancing our projects and driving down the cost of solar energy.


Powerful, yet nimble

8minute is singularly focused on large-scale solar and energy storage development, and is technology and supplier agnostic. This independence affords us the unique opportunity to explore the best technology choices and implementation for each project.

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Smart from the start: Our flawless permitting track record

We conduct extensive impact, economic and environmental analyses and work closely with environmentalists early in our process to properly site projects and significantly mitigate potential risks down the road. This reputation for stewardship has earned support from leading environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, Audubon California, Defenders of Wildlife and the Natural Resources Defense Council.




Shaping the future of energy

We are delivering a new generation of smart solar power plants that prove solar energy is a cost-effective, reliable and long-term replacement for fossil fuels – even when the sun isn’t shining.


Understanding of your needs

We fine-tune our projects to maximize value for landowners, public utilities, corporates and investors. 8minute’s unmatched ability to produce low-priced clean energy, and to deliver strong financial returns on large-scale solar and storage projects, makes clean energy the obvious choice for every stakeholder.