Abundant, clean energy

We envision a world where energy is clean, affordable and abundant, and solar energy has a key role in achieving that vision. Through innovation, expertise and savvy entrepreneurialism, we are making that world a reality. As a nationwide leader in solar-plus-storage, 8minute is powering large-scale climate solutions today. We are already the top solar developer in California, and we’re bringing our unmatched success and cutting-edge expertise to new clean energy projects around the country.


More value with less risk

18,000 MW

Under Development

2,000 MW


4,500 MW

Energy Contracted


Our projects are setting the bar for low-cost and high performance, allowing us to deliver above-market profitability and strong financial returns.


Established success, at scale

8minute has executed 24 power purchase agreements (PPAs) to date, including 15 with California’s four largest utilities. Our commitment to the broad deployment of clean energy means we collaborate with customers to deliver least-cost, best-fit projects.

100% permitting track record

Every one of our projects has been approved, with another 65,000 acres currently under development. We conduct extensive impact, economic, and environmental analyses upfront, working closely with environmentalists early in the process, to significantly mitigate potential risks. This reputation for stewardship has enabled our projects to cultivate support from leading environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, Audubon California, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.


Independently owned and operated

8minute is privately-held and singularly focused on large-scale solar and solar-plus-storage development. Being privately-held gives us the freedom to be truly independent and focus on the best technology choices and implementation for each project. We pride ourselves on being powerful but nimble.

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Continuously innovating to reduce the cost of energy

8minute is a solar industry leader in technology, engineering, and development innovation, with patents pending on our solar-plus-storage design architecture and deal structure. More than half of our team is made up of engineers and scientists committed to optimizing value and performance from each project. We also have a proprietary R&D facility where we are constantly testing cutting-edge technology to advance our projects and drive down the cost of solar energy.




Shaping the future of energy

8minute is setting new industry records not only in scale, but also in innovation. We are pioneering a new generation of solar-plus-storage power plants that prove solar energy is a reliable, long-term replacement for fossil fuels – even when the sun isn’t shining.


Understanding of your needs

Whether you’re a landowner, public utility, corporate, or investor, 8minute offers an unmatched ability to produce low-priced clean energy, and to deliver strong financial returns on large-scale solar and storage projects. We maximize the value of our power plants by fine-tuning projects to meet customers' needs, ultimately making clean energy the preferred customer choice.

8minute is the largest independent solar power developer in the United States