Impact of the Biden Administration’s Decision is Already Hitting the Clean Energy Industry Hard

Today, 8minute Solar Energy Founder and CEO Dr. Tom Buttgenbach echoed the industry-wide condemnation of the Biden Administration’s investigation for circumvention tariffs on solar products. Dr. Buttgenbach noted the investigation is already leading to the loss of thousands of domestic jobs and threatens the United States’ technological leadership and independence from global oil prices.

Read here Dr. Buttgenbach’s full statement on the Biden Administration’s decision:

“As one of the country’s leading solar developers, we understand firsthand how damaging the Biden Administration’s decision today will be for the solar industry. This unfair and unwarranted complaint undercuts us at a time when we are working hard to navigate unprecedented uncertainty in the global supply chain, hire U.S.-based workers and build out the solar infrastructure necessary to meet the country’s urgent clean energy goals.

“At this moment of sky-rocketing fossil fuel prices driving inflation and causing real pain for Americans at the pump, we should be doubling down on investing in a clean energy future, which will not only fight climate change, but drive down costs for U.S. consumers. Instead, this case is already slowing investment in our country’s clean energy future, including the loss of thousands of domestic jobs, while threatening our technological leadership and independence from volatile global oil prices.”


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